A Little Better

After last week's disappointing loss of just 0.2 pounds, I wanted to work harder this week at watching what I ate. I'd like to say I accomplished that goal, but I didn't. As usual I started out the week carefully tracking my food intake, but by Friday I started to slip. It took me until yesterday to get back on track with tracking what I ate. I do not know why the weekends end up being so difficult for this, but I do have a tough time with it. Anyway, despite not doing a good job tracking my food this past weekend, I did manage to lose 2.0 pounds. If I can keep up losing 2.0 pounds per week, I can be happy with that.

Since Last Week: -2.0 lb
Percent change: -0.8%
Total Change: -2.2 lb
Total Percent: -0.9%

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