Shamrock Shakes, They're Just Not the Same

Shamrock Shake 

Being that Saint Patrick's Day is just around the corner, I decided to indulge myself by having a McDonald's McCafĂ© Shamrock Shake. Now as I have been working on losing weight, this was the one and only Shamrock Shake I will have this year. The Shamrock Shake is something I have enjoyed much of my life. I remember looking forward to having them when I was a kid, and they were always good. I wish I could say that the shake I had today brought back memories of this treat from my childhood, but it did not.

Apparently McDonald's decided a while back to change their milkshakes from the slightly textured semi-frozen liquid that one could easily drink way too quickly, to a thick and creamy drink of ice cream adorned with whipped cream and a cherry on top that is much harder to drink through the straw. And to make it even fancier, McDonald's now serves its shakes in the same plastic cup they use for their fancy coffee drinks instead of the regular soft drink cup that they used to use. Aside from these differences, the shake I had today just did not have a very strong minty flavor. That was probably the most disappointing thing about it. I had already been planning on not having any more Shamrock Shakes this year, but I think I may be done with them for good now. It just wasn't worth the $2.88 that it cost me nor the 660 calories and 19 grams of fat I consumed. From now on if I have a craving for a mint-flavored shake, I think I will just visit my local Dairy Queen.


Working from Home

With the recent news that Yahoo! is no longer going to allow its employees to work from home, the topic of working from home has been in the news a lot lately. And now I read that Best Buy is also ending its program that allowed some corporate employees to work flexible schedules from home or elsewhere. I have been home since July 2008 when my family moved to Minnesota from Iowa for my wife's job. I really appreciate that my employer offers its employees the flexibility to work from home because I really like my job and