Back Again

Last night I got home from my third business trip to the Twin Cities in three weeks. It should be my last business trip for a while and I am glad of that. It can be pretty stressful being away from home. Now that I am home, I wish I could spend some time with Mel, but she has to work in the evenings this week. It's almost as if I were still away for work, not being able to see her. Next week should be back to normal.


Checking IDs

The past few weeks have been very busy for me. I had a wedding to attend a few Saturdays ago, then the next day I was off to Minneapolis for work. I've had to spend three days per week in the Twin Cities for the last two weeks for work and I get to go yet again this afternoon. Fortunately this should be the last trip there for a while. Between the two trips Mel and I went to her hometown for a bridal shower.

With all of this traveling for work, my diet has taken quite a hit. I have managed not to gain too many pounds. I'm still slightly lighter than where I was when I began the diet a few weeks ago. Thursday, once I am back from my latest trip to Minnesota, I will more strictly monitor what I eat once again.

Last night Mel and I decided to go to a movie since we hadn't seen one in a while. We saw A History of Violence. It was a good movie, although the end left me wanting a bit more. This was probably the first R-rated movie we had gone to in the theaters for quite some time. It was also the first R-rated movie that I have ever been carded before seeing. I've been old enough to attend R-rated movies for almost half of my life now as I am turning 33 later this month. I suppose I should take it as a complement that the person selling me the ticket wanted to make sure I was 17, but it's not like I was buying cigarettes or alcohol where there would be legal implications if I were allowed to see the movie if I were too young. It wasn't really a big deal though, I just found it somewhat amusing.

Anyway, after the movie, Mel and I went to Chili's for dinner. As we pulled into the parking lot we saw a stretch limo and several teenagers all dressed up. We then realized that there must of been a homecoming dance that evening. We were still seated pretty quickly. While we were waiting for out food, Mel noticed that a girl at the table behind me had a beer! Now this girl was obviously not 21. Perhaps the people at Chili's should take a cue from the people at the theater and ID people regardless of how old the appear.